There are many chakras or energy points throughout the body just as there are many smaller glands throughout the physical system.

The seven main chakras are the main energy points along the spine that effect the entirety of the energetic system. Chakras are like spinning pools of energy within the body. These seven energy pools each vibrate at a different frequency and hold dominion over a different aspect of human nature. 

When a chakra becomes "blocked" by stale and stagnant energy it will slow down or cease to spin. Likewise a chakra can become overactive, spinning with increasing intensity, which also causes an imbalance in the flow of energy through the body.

Blocks occur when emotional and mental energy is trapped within the body. 
We trap energy in our bodies when we suppress, judge, and deny our true thoughts and feelings. The suppression of emotion is the number one source of disease and illness in the physical body.
Every illness begins with an energetic imbalance, which later manifests as an imbalance in the physical body.

Each chakra is blocked by the denial and suppression of its corresponding energy. Chakras can be cleansed and opened by experiencing and releasing the trapped energy through meditation or energetic clearing such as Reiki.
Often times noticing and choosing to surrender the feelings that are being held onto is enough to clear the block and allow the energy to flow smoothly once more.

Root Chakra - The root chakra is responsible for our energetic connection to mother earth.
This chakra corresponds to the adrenal gland responsible for our fight or flight response.

This chakra deals with feelings of safety, security, and prosperity. 

When this chakra is open and active there is a sense of stability and grounding. We feel that all of our needs are met.
When this chakra is blocked we may become stuck in survival mode viewing everything around us as threatening and offensive.

The root chakra is blocked by fear. 

When our fears are suppressed the energy becomes stagnant and creates a block in our system, much like a blood clot may block an artery. 

Sacral Chakra - This is the chakra of pleasure. 
The sacral chakra corresponds to the reproductive glands.
When this chakra is blocked we may become overly judgmental of the behavior of others. The judgments we put on others are always a reflection of the judgments we have of ourselves. What are you judging yourself for?
When this chakra is overactive we may experience increased desire for activities that provide instant gratification and fall into unhealthy pleasure cycles.

The sacral chakra is blocked by feelings of guilt. 

When we do not forgive ourselves it becomes increasingly difficult to exercise compassion with others.

Solar Plexus Chakra - This is the chakra of personal power. 
When this chakra is open and balanced we feel confident, lit up, and ready to take on the world.
This is also the chakra of will. When this chakra is balanced we are able to use our will power constructively.

The solar plexus chakra is blocked by shame. 

When we talk down to ourselves we become shameful. Shame is the emotion that causes us to hide out and avoid connection with others. Shame arises when we disappoint ourselves. Build trust in yourself by accepting your shortcomings and letting go of the urge to compare yourself to others.
The solar plexus chakra corresponds the the Pancreas. The pancreas is responsible for energy regulation throughout the body. When we hold on to negative self talk and feelings of shame we literally sap the body of the essential energy we need to get things done.

Heart Chakra - The heart has long been associated with love and healing. 
The heart chakra corresponds to the Thymus, which regulates our immune system. Science has recently shown that positive feelings of love and friendship support a healthy immune system. In fact, a healthy heart chakra is vital for overall well-being.
When this chakra is blocked we may become depressed and, in-turn, prone to illness of all kinds.

The heart chakra is blocked by grief. 

Grief of all kinds can be a tricky emotion to clear because we instinctively shrink away from it. Avoiding our grief is the number one cause of true depression. When we do not allow ourselves to grieve, because we judge or grief or avoid it, it becomes trapped energy in the body that weighs us down emotionally, mentally, and energetically.

Throat Chakra - This is the chakra of truth. 
Truth means what we say to others and what we tell ourselves. Lying to yourself is a form of denial that effects more than one chakra just as the thyroid gland is responsible for the activity of several other glands in the physical body.

The throat chakra is blocked by dishonesty.

When we suppress our truth and stuff our emotions it can effect our relationship with food. Depression can cause a loss of appetite and other eating disorders. Stress eating is an all too common aliment in modern society. The throat chakra aligns to the thyroid, which is responsible for metabolism and appetite. We live in a society where telling the truth is an unpopular way to behave. We are raised to speak appropriately over truthfully. Becoming honest with ourselves is the first task in opening and releasing the throat chakra.

Third Eye Chakra - This is the chakra of vision. 
When we are visualizing anything in our minds, the third eye chakra is active. This chakra is also associated with foresight and clairvoyance. This chakra is the chakra of creativity and clarity. A clear open third eye chakra may even win you the title 'visionary'.

The third eye chakra is blocked by illusion. 

The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. When we question what is real we are in illusion. We are assuming there is a 'real world' and a totally separate not real world. Everything that exists is a part of creation and therefore real exactly as it is. The physical act of something and the imagining of doing the act produce the same biochemical reaction in your mind and consciousness. Imagination is a powerful tool. Do not block this chakra by dismissing your experiences with skepticism and a false sense of separation. The third eye chakra corresponds to the pituitary gland, which is responsible for your bodies ability to change, grow, and adapt.

Crown Chakra - The crown chakra is the most mystical of the chakras.

This chakra is responsible for our connection to source. 

Like the crown chakra, the corresponding gland is equally mystifying. The pineal gland is responsible for sleep patterns, circadian rhythm, and levels of consciousness. Scientist currently have absolutely no idea how this part of the brain functions. In fact, scientists have absolutely no idea how consciousness functions. According to ancient teachings this chakra is the entry point of higher consciousness and is responsible for much of the energy flowing into the body.
When this chakra is open we may experience increased "ah ha!" moments, receive intuitive messages, and inspired thoughts.

The crown chakra is blocked by attachment. 

When we are overly attached to a person, thing, or outcome, we create a block in the flow of energy. Creativity and inspiration are readily accessible to us when we are open to all possibilities.
Some spiritual teachers describe the source we are talking about as "the field of all possibility" or "the field of pure potentiality". From this field of potential all creation flows, including the inspired thoughts that become our next great inventions. In an interview, Apple founder Steve Jobs shared that he "saw" the first apple computer years before its first conception. This kind of vision is what we discussed in relation to the third eye chakra, but where did the vision come from? The answer, according to ancient wisdom, is from the source of all creation through the crown chakra.


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