Ego is fear. Ego is attachment. Ego is defense. Ego is the desire to look good and do it right depending on what you were praised for as a child. Ego is every defense mechanism you have ever displayed. Ego always thinks in absolutes. Ego believes whatever you are experiencing in this moment is permanent. Ego cannot express creativity because ego is set in its determinism of the world. Ego sees everything as separate and in competition. Ego is constantly projecting the past onto the future as a way to perpetuate the illusion that you need its protection.


Do you want to stop judging yourself?
...stop feeling sad that you are sad?
...stop feeling angry that you are angry?
What would be possible for you if you could stop judging yourself?
Are you afraid to stop beating yourself up?
Do you think that allowing yourself to proceed with bad behavior without punishment means you will loose control of yourself?
Maybe it feels like your bad habits are monsters and if you turn your back they will eat you.
You don’t need to worry about that.
Sometimes we think that easing up on ourselves is giving ourselves permission to keep doing what we know we ‘shouldn’t’… overeating, binging, sleeping in…
When we are in judgment we are being the spectators. We are not in the drivers seat. We are looking to blame.
When we are in judgment we have created in our minds criteria by which we must comply to feel worthy and valid.
We judge ourselves against these criteria and decide how good or bad we are doing.
Whether we judge ourselves as doing good or bad we also judge e…


There are many chakras or energy points throughout the body just as there are many smaller glands throughout the physical system.
The seven main chakras are the main energy points along the spine that effect the entirety of the energetic system. Chakras are like spinning pools of energy within the body. These seven energy pools each vibrate at a different frequency and hold dominion over a different aspect of human nature. 
When a chakra becomes "blocked" by stale and stagnant energy it will slow down or cease to spin. Likewise a chakra can become overactive, spinning with increasing intensity, which also causes an imbalance in the flow of energy through the body.
Blocks occur when emotional and mental energy is trapped within the body.  We trap energy in our bodies when we suppress, judge, and deny our true thoughts and feelings. The suppression of emotion is the number one source of disease and illness in the physical body. Every illness begins with an energetic imbala…