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There are many chakras or energy points throughout the body just as there are many smaller glands throughout the physical system.
The seven main chakras are the main energy points along the spine that effect the entirety of the energetic system. Chakras are like spinning pools of energy within the body. These seven energy pools each vibrate at a different frequency and hold dominion over a different aspect of human nature. 
When a chakra becomes "blocked" by stale and stagnant energy it will slow down or cease to spin. Likewise a chakra can become overactive, spinning with increasing intensity, which also causes an imbalance in the flow of energy through the body.
Blocks occur when emotional and mental energy is trapped within the body.  We trap energy in our bodies when we suppress, judge, and deny our true thoughts and feelings. The suppression of emotion is the number one source of disease and illness in the physical body. Every illness begins with an energetic imbala…


A vision board is a tool to keep you focused towards your goals. Vision boards do not necessarily magically bring things into your life (though they can). Generally speaking, however, a vision board works because what we focus on most is what we act on. What we focus on is what we tend to see. When your goals and desires are forefront of your mind you are more likely to see the opportunities to reach them that are right in front of you.

Here is an experiment from the brilliant Tony Robins.
Look around the room you are in right now and notice everything that is brown.





Now close your eyes and name everything in the room that is green.
The point is that we tend to see more of what we focus on and sift out everything else.
Opportunities are all around you when you learn to shift your focus.
A vision board is an automatic focus shifting tool to keep your desires front and center.

Create a vision board so that your deepest desires can become the focus of your attention…


Your expectations of others affect how they interact with you!
Do you often think about what other people will say?
The only thing you can control is you AND how you show up influences how people react to you! 
Imagine this. Your alarm doesn’t go off and you wake up 1 hour after you should have been at work! As you rush to get ready and run out the door you anticipate your boss’s reaction. More than likely, if you are worried about their reaction it is because you have experienced them reacting negatively to you in the past. Realistically the way they reacted to you in the past has been a pattern in your life. Figures of authority generally react this same way when you “screw up”. So you show up to work and sure enough! Your boss reacts to your tardy exactly the way you predicted and you give yourself a mental high five for being right about other people once again.
Imagine this. Your man’s best friend has been abusing his girlfriend behind closed doors. She approaches you when…


Everyone is doing the best that they can.
If they could do better they would. 

When I first heard this concept I did not fully agree.
I thought, of course people could do better, I could do better.

In the arena of self development there is an incredible buzz around the concept,
everything is a choice.

Taking personal responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and responses to the
circumstances of life is the first step to personal freedom and transformation.

As long as your thoughts feelings and actions are dictated by the people places
and things outside of yourself, you have no power and no choice in the direction
and quality of your life.

This is an incredibly empowering way of thinking. If it's meant to be, It's up to me!

I used to think that people who judged, shamed, insulted, and abused me were
simply not taking responsibility for themselves. I thought "they can do better",
and this thought caused me to be confused by the negative actions of others.